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The Rainbow Pride Mystery 4/7

Title: The Rainbow Pride Mystery Part 4/7 -- Parts 1-3
are on the blog
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Mitchel, Ziggy & Alton, CC & Lavender
Discipline: None in this part

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

9:55 am – Sunday


I revved my Harley. I was so excited to be on my Hog
and have Lavender sitting behind me with her arms
draped around my waist. She must be slightly
uncomfortable, she had to be arching her back to keep
the spikes on her bra from pushing into my back. I
reached behind me to undo the clasp on her bra, “I
think it’s time for you to loose that,” I said, and
gave a gentle tickle to her side. Lavender slightly
jumped and giggled. She clasped the bottom of my tank
top and raised it over my head, laughing as my large
tits jiggled at the loss of my top. I turned to kiss
Lav as she pushed her bra and my top into the side
pocket of one of the saddlebags, and we were off,
Lavender again placed her arms around me as the
motorcycle moved forward into the cheering crowd, this
time they were cupped around my full breasts.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

10:45 am – Sunday

I was applying sunscreen to Lavender when my radio
squeaked to life and I heard Brokowski’s voice, “Shots
have been fired at The Center’s float.”

“Fuck,” I said. I pulled on my sports bra and then my
tank, before responding to the call, “This is
Detective Moore, I’m at the end of the parade route,

“Moore, the floats at 3rd and Davenport. What’s your
ETA?” Brokowski asked.

“Ten minutes, Chief,” I responded.

“Roger that, get a move on. Your partner should
already be there,” the Chief instructed.

I slipped my badge over my head and attached my radio
to my pants, “Lav, baby, I gotta go. I want you to
find a safe spot.” She nodded. “Stay away from the
parade route, especially The Center and Ms. Rainbow
Pride Floats, got it,” I pulled her into a quick hug
and kissed her on the forehead. I hopped back on my
bike, and started it up, “Baby, maybe you should put
your bra back on, I don’t want your nipples to get

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I arrived at the scene, and immediately found Ziggy.
He was standing next to Alton and Mitchel at the end
of an ambulance, with paramedics attending to a young
man with a bloody nose, ugly gash on his cheek, and a
split lip.

“Hey, Cees. The perimeter has been secured, this is
the only injury. We haven’t located the shooter, it
looks like he took out the left rear tire of the
float,” Ziggy gave me the update, “Trevor here, bumped
into the float when it halted because of the flat.
The Chief wants us to get statements from the kids
that were at the back of float. I already got Trevor,
Alt, and Mitchel’s. I think we should go talk to that
group of kids over there,” he motioned to a group of
kids sitting on the sidewalk. Turning back to the
ambulance, Ziggy instructed, “Mitchel, please call
Colin and tell him you are okay. I want both you and
Alton to stay here until I come and get you. Got it?”
Alton and Mitch nodded confirmation to him, “I am
serious, this is the safest place for you. I do not
need either of you wondering around and interfering in
the investigation or getting hurt,” he gave them both
a very stern look, before continuing, “I mean it. No
Cagney and Lacy, no Hardy Boys, no Goren and Eames.”

Alton smiled sarcastically, “What about Simon and
Simon or Charlie’s Angels?”

Mitch giggled, “We can’t do Charlie’s Angels, Jill is
over on the Ms. Rainbow Pride Float.”

“Cut it! This is serious. You two will not go
anywhere near the Rainbow Pride Float! If you are not
here when I come back, I will site you both for
interfering with an investigation,” Ziggy warned.

“Pthttt,” Mitchel blew a raspberry, “Zig, your no

Ziggy turned and pointed a very firm finger at Mitchel
and Alton. Alton lightly slapped Mitch on the
shoulder, “We promise, Zig, we’ll stay here, out of
the way. Don’t worry about us. Go finish your
investigation,” Alton blurted out before his partner
could blow his top.

“Please guys, you need to stay here,” I said over my
shoulder as I pulled Ziggy towards the group of kids
sitting on the sidewalk.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

10:47 am – Sunday

CC detached the saddlebags from the bike and gave me a
quick hug and kiss. I watched her hop on her bike,
rev it up and then she turned, “Baby, maybe you should
put your bra back on, I don’t want your nipples to get

Ugg. Fine. I reached into the side pocket of the
saddlebag where I had placed my bra and her tank.
Empty. What the fuck? Maybe Cees had pulled it out
when she was getting her tank on. I looked on the
grass all around me. Nothing. Great, now what am I
supposed to do, Cees’ll be pissed if she gets back and
I don’t have it on, plus we paid a lot of money for
that bra and it is one of my favorite costumes. Fuck,
I’m just going to have to cruise back down the parade
route and find where it fell out the saddlebag.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I had traveled at least half of the parade route
without finding my bra when I realized I had reached
The Center’s float. It was all marked off with police
tape. Shit. I was going to have to get around this
without CC seeing me. God, the messes I get myself

I spotted CC and Ziggy interviewing some kids. I hid
behind a bus stop sign to think about where to go
next. Peeking over it every so often to check on where
Cees was.

“Okay, let me get this straight, you were following
the float, when you heard the loud bang of the shot,
then you saw the tire blow. You looked around but you
didn’t see anything unusual,” I heard CC read back
over her notes to the group of kids she and Ziggy were

“Detectives. Detectives,” a young Police Explorer
came running out of breath over to Cees and Ziggy, he
held up a small piece of black leather, it seemed to
have some shiny bits on it. OH, FUCK! MY BRA! “The
Chief wants you to wrap up the investigation. It
seems that the float ran over this,” he held up my
bra, “uh…uh…”

“Bra,” CC stated for him.

“Uh, yeah the float ran over this bra, and the spikes
in it blew the tire,” the kid finished.

Ziggy erupted into laughter.

I swear I saw steam coming out of CC’s ears. Time to
find a very safe hiding spot. So, now not only was I
in big trouble for disobeying Cees, my bra had sparked
a major police investigation, halted the parade and I
don’t think she would be terribly pleased that I was
wandering around topless in front of her colleagues.

I moved cautiously with small crowds of onlookers
behind the police tape, eventually I spotted Alton and
Mitch sitting on the bumper of an ambulance. I
discreetly ducked under the tape and made my way
towards them. I had to stop and duck behind the open
passenger door of the ambulance when I saw CC’s boss,
Chief Brokowski, walking past talking into his radio.
I crouched behind the door, and heard Brokowski’s
voice boom from the radio, “False alarm, let’s get
this area cleaned up and the parade moving again.
Young, what’s the status at the Mz. Rainbow Pride
Float,” no answer. Brokowski’s voice bellowed again,
“Young, give me a status!”

“Chief, a fight just broke out, we need back-up here
quick,” I heard Mary Young’s voice answer back.

“Attention all available officers, report to the Mz.
Rainbow Pride Float,” a dispatcher called out.

I tried to signal Alton and Mitch, “Psst,” I
whispered. Nothing, they just continued their

“This has to be tied to the break-in, it just can’t be
a coincidence that in the same month The Center was
broken into, someone fires a gun and flattens the tire
on The Center’s float,” I could hear Mitchel

“Do you think?” Alton questioned, “Zig said it was
just a random act.”

“Yeah, a random act, until this happened,” Mitch

“PSST!” I again tried to signal the guys. Still no

“I bet there must be some link to the Ms. Rainbow
Pride Pageant or Zig wouldn’t have told us to stay
away from there,” Mitch continued.

“Maybe, Zig did seem a little concerned when we ran
into Zsa Zsa, and she said she had entered the
pageant,” Alt seemed to be thinking out loud, “and it
seemed really weird that we didn’t know Kyle had come
home to compete.”

What, I didn’t know Kyle was home. Fuck, if he was
over at the float, he could be in danger, “PSST!
Alton!” I tried again.

Alton got up off the bumper and came over to me, “Lav,
what are you doing here?”

Mitchel peeked his head over Alton’s shoulder, and let
out a little giggle, “um, Lav, I don’t think CC would
appreciate you being topless over here,” he commented.

“Mitch, keep it down, CC’ll kick my ass, if she knows
I am over here,” I replied.

“So, why are you here?” Alton asked.

“I lost my bra. I came looking for it,” I responded,
“Hey, Alt, lend me your shirt?”

Alton made a face, “Yeah, I guess,” he responded,
while he reluctantly took off his shirt.

I took the shirt, pulled it over my head and tied the
bottom corner into a knot, so it shortened the T to
display my navel, “Did you say that Kyle entered the
Mz. Rainbow Pride Pageant?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?” Mitch questioned in response.

“I just heard someone request back-up to the Float,
come on, we better go make sure Kyle is okay,” I said
pulling Alton and Mitch away from the ambulance and
back onto the parade route.


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