Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Garden Runneth Over

Title: The Garden Runneth Over
Authors: Tarabeth & Nicole
Characters: Zane/Vaughn

Vaughn, brushing Ed’s mane, began venting to him, “He always frickin’ over-waters my garden. But, does he listen to me? No!”

“Zane, that is too much water; you’re going to flood the garden,” Vaughn called out.

“It’s fine. Trust me, love,” Zane responded.

“If you flood my garden…I’m gonna…” Vaughn stumbled.

Zane laughed, “You’re going to what?”

“I’m gonna,” Vaughn stopped in thought, “I’m going to spank you.”

They both giggled. “You think you could, little man?” Zane questioned, still watering.

Vaughn placed his hands on his hips, giving a stern look, “Zane Alexander Michaels, do you want a spanking?”

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