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The Understudy (Postscript)

Title: The Understudy (Postscript)
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Serge/Kyle with a little of Ziggy/Alton
Implements: Hand and Paddle

Notes: I sat down to write part 5 of The Rainbow Pride Mystery...somehow this happened instead...

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I was just putting the finishing touches on my pedicure when the phone rang. I glanced at the caller ID – Layton/Riggs --, “Hello, which of my darlings is this?” I questioned as I picked up the phone, knowing full well that it could only be Alton.

“It’s me,” Alton replied, “Do you have time talk? You’re off tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Layton & Pachikov, thankfully, have disbanded and Pachikov & Layton aren’t scheduled to return to the ring until Monday,” I responded.

“Is Serge healed? Are you good to go on Monday?” Alton asked.

“He is at the doctor right now getting his final clearance, he won’t be home for a while so, I have loads of time to chat.”

“Did you get your Restoration Hardware Catalog today?” Alton asked.

I got up off the bed and headed for the mailbox, “I don’t know, I haven’t checked the mail, is it good?”

“Yes, it’s fab, go check,” Alton instructed.

“I’m at the mailbox right now. Hmmm. Smith & Hawkins.”

“Ooooo. I didn’t get that one yet,” Alton squealed.

I continued to flip through the mail, “Penny Saver. Bill. I am Pre-Approved for 0% APR. Bank Statement. Bill. Ahhh, Restoration Hardware.”

“Good, turn to page 20,” Alton stated.

I threw the rest of the mail on the kitchen counter and took the catalog back into the bedroom with me. I flopped down on the bed, supported myself on my elbows and began flipping through he pages, “17….18…what am I looking for…19…20…oooo, it’s on sale,” I exclaimed, Serge and I had been wanting a ceiling mount rain showerhead…and it was not cheap…let me tell you…it was on sale from $700 to $540…we currently had a $49.95 special, “I still don’t think I can talk Serge into it, we have all his medical bills to pay off,” I said with a touch of sadness.

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I should have thought about that; but, I am really glad he is all healed and you two are ready to go back to work,” Alton gave a sweet apology.

I blew a raspberry, “Ummm, some of us have still been working,” I reminded him.

“Yes, how is Vladimir?” He asked.

“A pompous, self-righteous, show-off, bastard,” I spit out, “and I can’t wait until he goes back to being an understudy!”

Alton laughed, “Tell me how you really feel, Kye.”

“Sorry, I just wish they would have replaced our act until Serge healed, instead of making me perform with that ass.”

“He’s not that bad Kye, just a little young. I really think you should speak a little nicer of your brother-in-law; I mean after the sheer perfection of me, he has a lot to live up to,” Alton continued to laugh, “and that is what alternates are for, to fill in when someone can’t perform.”

“Can we change the subject, please?” I asked, letting out an exhausted sigh, “How are you and that guy you live with? You know the fireman? What’s his name? Bob? Bill? Bo?”

It was Alton’s turn to let out a long sigh, “Kevin. Your big brother’s name is Kevin, and he is usually referred to as Ziggy, a nickname you gave him, which he loves. You know damn well he is police officer, and you are being an asshole for still not speaking to him? And he is okay, a little stressed out, he’s been working round the clock for the past couple of days.”

“You know what, I thought you called to chat, if you called to lecture, I have more important things to do, like give myself a manicure, toodles,” Alton interrupted before I could finish my goodbye.

“Wait. Kye. Please. I did call to chat, I’m sorry. Please, don’t hang up,” he sadly pleaded.

What can I say, I am a sucker for a man who isn’t too proud to beg, “Okay, you are forgiven. Why’s Zig been working so hard?”

Just then the bedroom door opened, and there stood my big hunky man, all five foot nine of him…hey, he’s half an inch taller than me. He stood in the doorway, with a lovely erection tenting from his sweats…and a look that said I was about to be completely and totally ravaged, “Doctor’s appointment went well then, babe?” I asked.

Serge nodded, as he began to strip out of his clothes.

“Sorry, Alt, I gotta go,” I said as I hung up the phone, tossed it to the side, and shot Serge my best come hither look, and giggle.

He strolled over to the bed, took hold of the bottom of my boxers and pulled them off; grabbed me by the ankles, and pulled me down the bed, so that I was now bent over it; removed the lube from the bedside table, coated his cock and thrust a finger inside me, “Uuuu,” I moaned. He bent over and began to lick my neck, back and shoulders as his fingers worked to excite, tease and stretch me. Serge slowed his sensual licks, to mutter terribly, filthy, dirty, nasty little tales about all the things he was going to do me and I became painfully rock hard. I started to grind my hips into the bed to cause some sort of friction in hopes of supplying my cock with some small pleasure.

Serge stood, braced my hips and entered me very slowly and fully, “Ahhhh,” I moaned again.

“Moj krasiwyj helowek,” (my beautiful man) he whispered to me.

I melted; I always melt when he coos to me in Russian.

Serge began a steady pace of thrusting while I rocked my hips back and forth on the bed to push him deeper inside me. He bent over me and placed a hand around my stomach and pulled me up into a standing position and swung me around so I could brace myself against the wall. He ran his hand down from my belly and encircled my rock hard erection. He continued to fuck me as I now began to fuck his fist. I felt my balls pull up and I came all over the wall. Serge continued to fuck me, eventually filling me with his seed.

We fell onto the bed and were quickly asleep.

I was startled awake by the phone ringing in my ear. I picked it up, glanced at the caller ID, – Kevin Layton –, pressed the speaker button and shouted into the air, “Alllttton, what do you want; you just interrupted a post fuck nap!”

I heard a cough and then, “Uh, sorry kiddo, it’s not Alton, it’s me,” Ziggy stuttered, “I’ll call you later.”

“No, Kevin. It is fine,” Serge said. He rose from the bed, pulled his sweats on, shot me a serious and loving look, “Kyle, talk to your brother,” he said while exiting the bedroom and closing the door after him.

I took the phone off speaker, “Hi.”

“Hi,” Ziggy responded, “I need to ask you a favor.”

“Yeah, course you do,” I replied, “why the fuck else would you call?”

“Hey, kiddo, calm down. I have tried to talk to you numerous times…remember you’re the one holding the grudge.”

“Holding a grudge? For fucks sake Zig, I really needed my big brother to listen and back me up, and what did you do, you told me I was being a childish brat. I think I have a right to be a little angry.”

“You still are being a childish brat, look I knew this was a bad idea, but I told Alton I would call. Don’t worry about it, give me a call when you feel like being a grown up,” and with that Ziggy hung up the phone.

“Fucker!” I threw the phone across the room and into the wall, where it left a nice dent.

Serge opened the bedroom door, with a look of utter outrage, anger and disappointment…the look that means I am in big trouble, “That is the second phone you have broken this month. I believe the other one was also after a conversation with your brother,” he walked over to the bed, sat and held his hands out to me, “Come here moq babohka.”

“I don’t want to,” I told him.

“Yes, you do. Come here,” he continued to hold his arms out to me.

I crawled into his lap and rested my head on his shoulder. Tears were streaming down my face, “I hate him,” I cried into Serge’s shoulder.

“No you don’t, that’s why it hurts,” he began to run soft circles on my back.

“Stop being nice to me. I know you agree with him, and that I’m in big trouble for throwing the phone,” I said making no attempt to move out his embrace.

Serge kissed my forehead, “Yes, I do agree with him. You have been terribly childish in dealing with my injury and working with Vlad, and yes you are in trouble…a lot of trouble,” my silent tears gave way to a hiccupped sob. “Honey, you hate fighting with Kevin, it is something the two of you rarely do, and I know it is really hurting you, so for now, I just want you to stay here and let me cuddle you. Okay?”

I nodded into his shoulder as I let the tears take over. We stayed in that embrace until I stopped crying and my breathing returned to normal, “I’m sorry about the phone,” I said as I gently sat up and looked into Serge’s eyes.

“Thank you,” he said, “you know those sort of temper tantrums aren’t allowed, and we will address it, but the more pressing issue right now is your relationship with your brother,” I turned away and moved to get away from his embrace, Serge held firm, “Hey, no running away. I don’t get it Kyle, Ziggy wasn’t the only the one who criticized your behavior towards Vladimir. You have forgiven me, and you were never mad at Alton, so why are you still angry with your bother.”

I couldn’t answer him. So, I gave a shrug, “I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s talk it through,” he stated.

Ugg. I didn’t want to talk it through, because I usually didn’t win when we had to “talk” it through.

“Why did you forgive me?” Serge asked.

“You’re my partner, I love you, you were just defending your little brother,” I replied quietly.

“Oh,” he said with a long pause. “Do you feel like I chose to ‘defend’ Vladimir over you, because he is my little brother?”

I didn’t say anything, but a hiccupped breath escaped.

Serge lifted my chin, so that we were once again looking into each other’s eyes, “Oh, moq babohka, that is what you think. No wonder you were upset. I am a little sad that’s your impression of me. You thought if I could choose my brother over my partner, Kevin should have definitely chosen you over me and Vlad. Is that what you have been thinking?”

I once again began to cry.

Serge placed his large hand on the top of my head and gently guided it back to his shoulder. “Oh, babohka, we need to have a serious talk,” he said as he gently massaged my head, “Vladimir is my baby brother, I love him very much, I would die for him, and he will be a part of my life forever.” I cried harder as his words confirmed my place in his life, “he was born into my family and that makes him a part of me. You, my beautiful butterfly, I chose.”

I continued to cry into is shoulder, “Are you listening? I chose you to be my partner, my soul mate, lover, and friend. I would die for you, and you will be a part of my life forever.”

I looked up at Serge in confusion.

“I did not choose Vlad over you,” he stated very firmly.

“You did,” I cried back.

“Shhh,” he placed his finger on my lips, “I did defend Vladimir. I did not choose him over you. I will never choose between the two of you…you are both a part of me and will remain so. What I did was to defend my little brother from a bully. A bully, who was pushing him around and making his job and life difficult.”

“I wasn’t a bully,” I protested.

“Vladimir did nothing other than his job. I was hurt and he stepped into my role in the act. End of story.”

“He wanted the name of the act to stay ‘Pachikov & Layton,’ he is our understudy! He doesn’t get top billing!” I blurted out.

“Honey, I am so, so sorry that my injury scared you, and I think that was the major issue. You were scared and didn’t know how to handle it. But, that issue was something, you and I, as partners needed to work out, and we did. It was terribly mean of you to take out your anger at me on Vlad.”

I blushed with embarrassment as he said this. He had said it many times over the last six weeks, but I think this was the first time I really got it.

“That is why I defended him, because you little butterfly, were wrong. This was about improper behavior not choosing one of you over the other.”

Several tears ran down my cheek.

“Kevin was just trying to help you see that. He loves you and was trying to help you make a difficult situation easier; that was all Alton, Kevin, or I was trying to do.”

I nodded.

Serge scooted me off of his lap, “Please go get the paddle.”

“The paddle, why the paddle?” I pleadingly questioned.

“Kyle is this the first time you have been spanked for throwing things when you are angry?” he asked.

Crap, this wasn’t even the first time I had been spanked for throwing the phone, not to mention alarm clocks, shoes, plants, and hair brushes. I am surprised, I hadn’t gotten the paddle for this before now, “No,” I said as I turned to go fetch the horrid paddle. “The Dark Side of the Moon” it was named. Pthtttt. I hate it! I took it down from the top shelf of the closet and handed it over to Serge.

Serge guided me over his lap, and ran the rubber side of the paddle over my butt. I took a deep breath as he raised it, “Uuuu,” I grunted as it landed the first time.

I was an emotional wreck and Serge was effectively wielding the spanks, so it really didn’t take long for my grunts to turn to yelps and then sobs.

When the last smack of the paddle had fallen, Serge set the paddle on the bed next to him, and ever so lightly ran his hand over my flaming flesh, “I love you Kyle,” he said.

“I love you, too,” I said, as I raised my teary and pitiful self into his embrace.

He hugged me and let me rest for a while before he informed me, “You’re not done yet.”

“Huh?” I questioned him with pleading eyes.

“You need to call Kevin, and apologize,” he stated.

I nodded.

“But, first you are going to need to go buy a new phone.”

The End.

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