Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Rainbow Pride Mystery 2/7

Alton – 10:30 pm – Saturday

We had only been home from Colin and Mitchel’s for about 20 minutes. Ziggy went out to feed the rabbits and put them in for the night, and I went upstairs to prepare my outfit for the parade. Mitch and I purchased utilikilts for the occasion. Mitch had decided to wear his kilt, Dr. Martins, pride beads and nothing else. I had decided to be a bit more sensible. I was wearing my kilt, grey “The only Bush I trust is my own” t-shirt, and my black high-top Chuck Taylor’s.

Ziggy entered the bedroom, removing his shirt and toeing off his shoes. Mmmm. “I’m going to take a shower,” he said. “Do you want to join me?”

“Mmmhmmm,” I replied with a nod, while I quickly rid myself of my clothes.

I started the shower, adjusting it to a mild warm; I didn’t want it too hot. I was planning on our generating a lot of our own heat. Divested of his clothes, Ziggy came into the bathroom and began to massage my shoulders as I continued to adjust the water temperature.

Once I had the temperature appropriately adjusted I took Ziggy by the hand and we both stepped into the shower. I pulled him to me for a long tongue-exploring kiss, which left me breathless. I really wish it had done the same for Ziggy. “That was nice Alt, but I’m exhausted, in the morning I promise,” he said with a kiss.

“Hmph,” I replied, “Then why did you ask me to join you?” I said, returning his kiss with a bite.

“Owe!” Ziggy exclaimed and applied a firm hand to my bottom. “That was completely unnecessary. I thought it would be nice to shower with you before we went to bed. I haven’t seen a lot of you this week.”

“Well, say that next time,” I mumbled.

He lifted my chin, so that our eyes met, “Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve missed you this week, I didn’t mean to lead you on, I just wanted to be with you for a little while.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied. Ziggy poured some shampoo into his hands and then began to massage it into my scalp.

I let out a long sigh. “Forgiven?” He asked.


We were both quiet; I grabbed the soap and lathered his back and then myself, before I handed him the soap. I rinsed off. He began to talk while he washed, “The Chief is a little worried that there could be problems at the parade tomorrow, so he has put everyone not scheduled to work the event, on call.”

I ran my head under the shower nozzle, rinsed my hair, turned off the water and got out of the shower. I quickly toweled off and went into the bedroom to put pajamas on. I will admit I was in a bit of a huff I had planned on not wearing pajamas this evening.

Ziggy came out of the bathroom toweling his hair, “Hey, where’s the fire?” He asked.

“I’m just tired, so let’s go to bed,” I answered with a bit of annoyance while, very enthusiastically fluffing my pillow.

Ziggy sat on the bed and pulled me into an embrace, “Alton, are you angry because I’m on call tomorrow?”

“Hmff. What would give you that idea? It’s not like I was looking forward to spending the day with you or anything,” I replied, in a sarcastic tone. “It was Brokowski, wasn’t it? I hate him; he always schedules you or puts you on call when we have plans. He is such an ass.”

He lightly placed his hand on my cheek and turned my face, so that my eyes met his. “Yes, it was Chief Brokowski, but did you listen when I said he put everyone on call, this isn’t about me.” I lowered my head and broke our eye contact. “The break-in at The Center has the Mayor on edge, the department just wants to make sure that there aren’t any incidents at the Parade or Festival.”

“I thought you said this was just a random event.”

“Yeah, it probably is, but we can’t go off of that assumption so close to Pride, the department is going all out to make sure that they protect the community and have a safe and uneventful weekend. Brokowski just scheduled us as a precaution, I’m sure I won’t even be needed.”

“Brokowski is in charge of The Center break-in?” I asked, with a bit of outrage.

Ziggy nodded.

I sat up and got off the bed, deciding to finish preparing my outfit for tomorrow, “What kind of idiot would assign him to oversee the case, he’s probably sorry they didn’t torch the place.”

Zig sat up straight on the bed and raised his voice, so that it commanded my attention, “Alton! That’s enough of that talk. He may be on the conservative side, but he is my superior, a good cop, and he will handle this investigation accurately and professionally.”

“Yeah, sure,” I mumbled. I threw my socks and belt on top of tomorrow’s outfit, set my shoes down by the chair holding the kilt and t-shirt, and crawled back into bed. The phone rang as I gave my pillow another aggressive fluff (with my fist).

“Hello,” Ziggy answered. “Hi, CC…Yeah, I’ll ask him. Alt, CC wants to know if she can barrow your boa to wear tomorrow.”

“I lent it to one of the kids from The Center.” I replied. I pulled the pillow over my head. I was a little pissed he had answered the phone instead of reassuring me that everything would be fine tomorrow.

“Cees, he lent to one of his kids…Yeah, we’re meeting Colin and Mitch at 9:30 at Starbucks…Uhha, were going to head out about a quarter to nine to set up our chairs…No problem, of course you can drop your cooler off with us during the Parade…You and Lav are doing what?” I peeked my head out from under the pillow. “Oh, really…ah, in honor of Alt and Mitch,” Ziggy gave me a bit of a concerned look. “Hmm, that’s interesting…I hadn’t heard that…Yes, I know about Scotsmen…Tradition, yes…breezy,” he let out a laugh, as he shot me another odd look. “Okay, bye Cees, see you in the morning…Give Lav a kiss for me.” Ziggy hung up the phone and then turned to me asking, “Where are your shorts?”

“What?” I replied.

“Where are your under shorts?” He clarified.

“In the dresser drawer, where they always are,” I gave an exhausted reply.

Ziggy went over to the dresser and removed a pair of my underwear. “Alton, you have laid out all your clothes for tomorrow, but I am a little concerned that there are no under shorts with your outfit,” he said waving my shorts at me.

“That’s because I’m not wearing any.”

“Excuse me?” He asked. “My colleagues are going to be all over the place tomorrow, I don’t really want any of them checking out your jewels.”

“Oh well, you’ll just have to tell them to keep their eyes above my waist, because I’ll be freeballing tomorrow,” I replied.

“Would you like to alter that statement?”


I quickly found myself bare assed and over Ziggy’s lap. “I’ll ask you again, ‘Would you like to alter that statement?’”

My brain had not fully registered the trouble I had so quickly started, “Nnn.” I never got the ‘o’ out before the first stinging swat landed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

8:30 am – Sunday

I pulled my softest pair of cotton boxers on underneath my kilt. Last night, Ziggy had strongly voiced his opinion about the required attire to be worn under my kilt with his voice and hand. Honestly, I had always planned on wearing shorts…I’m not quite as daring as Mitchel…but, alas my brain and mouth were operating on different wave lengths last night…and my poor bottom paid the price.

Ziggy came over and ran his hand up my kilt and softly over my boxers, “Ready to go?”

I gave him a quick peck, “Yeah, I just have to get my gun.”


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